Monday, December 22, 2008

Who Beau is drumming for...

Beau is drumming for two groups now Zoe Myers and Savvy and Mandy. You can look at their websites and check them out! This is Zoe Myers website where you can look at the band and find Beau

Here is the link to Savvy and Mandy's website where you can listen to their music and if you like it you can buy a CD exclusively from Walmart. You can also vote for them on Radio Disney as your favorite up-coming group!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beau's Commercial

To see Beau's commercial click this link Thanks for watching!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Meeting the Jonas brothers!

So today we met the Jonas Brother! I was freaking out since i am obsessed with them! Beau was excited too but was more chill. We were at Miceli's an Italian Resteraunt and they were a few tables away from us. So when they left everyone asked for a quick photo. They were all super nice Nick talked to me and said "Hi nice to meet you" and I said "OMG i love your music and i love you!" he replied "Oh thank you that means alot." Then we took a photo and they ran off! I said to my "Jay leno was pretty cool but this was way better!"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jay Leno comes to our apartment!

The other night at 7:30 pm, we got a knock on our apartment door. Beau, Zoe, Benji (Zoe's boyfriend) answered the door. It was Jay Leno! They come to Oakwood to knock on doors to surprise people, and if you fit the criteria, do a skit for the show. They asked if they could come in, so Jay and a few others came in. They had us each introduce ourselves, asked Bill what he did for work, what the kids did, and who their favorite singers were etc...Then Jay asked us if we new that this year on the American Music Awards they were adding movie soundtracks to the nominations? We said, we did not know that. Then they asked if our family would act out an skit! Of course we were assuming it would be mostly for Beau, Kendall, Zoe and Benji...but no! They wanted Bill to play Troy (Zac Efron) and me to play Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) from High School Musical! Jay would play Chad, (Corbin Bleu) wearing an black afro wig! Beau and Benji would be basketball players, and Kendall and Zoe would be cheerleaders! Then seriously, about 30 people stormed in our apartment! They started moving furniture and were shouting "okay, this room will be the girls changing room, the boys will change in this bathroom, Bill and Karen change in your room, then come out for your wigs!". They brought 2 girl model/actors with them that were also dressing as cheerleaders. Bill had to dress in a basketball uniform and I had to wear a white (unflattering) dress! Then they put the ugliest wigs on Bill and me. Bill had longish brown Zac hair, and I had a long black (unflattering) Vanessa wig! OMG! Just when I thought it could not get any more embarrassing, Bill and I had to sing! They tried to teach us our song, complete with cue cards, but of course we did not know the tune and wound up slaughtering it! Which is exactly why they wanted Bill and me to do it, I mean it is a comedy show! In the meantime Jay sat on our couch, small talked with Bill and petted Kapri! Our song clip was from the song "Now or Never" our lines were... Karen: "Bill" Bill: "Right now I can hardly breathe" Karen :"You can do it, just know that I believe" Bill: "And that's all I really need" Karen: "Then come on" Bill: "Make me strong, it's time to turn it up, game on!" Then (thank heavens my part was over) they took Bill out in the hall to dribble and pass the ball with Jay, while Beau, Kendall, Zoe and Benji and the other girls cheered behind! Bill's last line was " 16,16,16 minutes left to play, better get it done! When the skit was over, they had us go back in the living room and Jay's comments to Bill were something like "Bill, you seemed like you liked that a little too much, do you think the guys back at the fire house may tease you a little bit? Bill was like "they won't even know!" Ha-ha! Bill, the ham, wants everyone to watch, and Zoe thought I was going to die of embarrassment! All this, to get "the kids" on TV! Here is the link below of the video we did...we are on at about 3:38 you will surly laugh! Karen :)